2 June 2023

Air Monitoring: Why it’s Essential

Airborne contaminants are well-known for causing problems to safety and health of workers if they breathe in too much, which is why you need to consider air monitoring services, which is the processes of identifying and determining how much of the contaminants are present. To do that, reliable air measurements and samples of air must be taken. In most cases, an occupational hygienist does this work, but they do so much more. They also review the products you use at the work site, review your work process, check operating areas, and more before taking measurements. Once this has been done, the information is used to create a sampling strategy to identify and quantify the air contaminants.

Air monitoring is necessary for many things, such as selecting the right personal protective equipment, delineating areas, and determining the health effects of airborne contaminants. Along with such, monitoring the air can help you determine if the types and concentrations of contaminants are considered safe for the area. If not, you can learn about ways to reduce the amount of contaminants in the air and make the environment safe enough for employees and others. To determine what and how many contaminants are present, there are two approaches possible, such as direct-reading instruments onsite and a collection of samples using appropriate media, such as a sorbent tube, filter, or sampling bag. Once that is collected, it must go to a laboratory for analysis.

At SESA, they understand how challenging it is to keep up with all compliance issues. They make it easier to handle a variety of environmental and safety concerns because their certified occupational hygienists can help you determine if your environment is safe for employees. Their air monitoring system can help you determine what, if anything, is wrong with your air and give you options on how to fix any issues, as well.

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