Asbestos Awareness Course in Sydney & NSW

Guidance for Asbestos Awareness: Comprehensive Course in Sydney & NSW

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Face to Face Asbestos Awareness Training (Group Training & Public Courses)

We deliver pre-booked asbestos awareness training course at the client premises, on work sites and at our facility in Moorebank, NSW.

SESA deliver pre-booked asbestos awareness training at the client premises and on work sites. We are based in Sydney and deliver our consulting services in Sydney and travel to your location including Wollongong, Newcastle, all of regional NSW and other locations in Australia. SESA asbestos awareness training course is developed, continually updated and delivered by our certified occupational hygienist (COH), licensed asbestos assessor and accredited workplace trainer and assessor. The training runs over three hours or more depending on the attending workgroup and can be delivered at your premises, on the work site or at SESA training facility in Moorebank, NSW. The asbestos awareness training includes powerpoint presentation with active discussions covering workplace scenarios relevant to course participants. SESA consultants have been delivering the asbestos awareness training course for over 19 years and established an excellent reputation for the delivery and content of this course. Our client organisations include local, state and Australian government, facility management, Universities, construction contractors, trade workers and to occupants of sites identified with asbestos requiring in-situ asbestos management and control. Note that if your asbestos awareness training is required for working in ACT you need to complete the course 10314NAT as required by the ACT legislation. The course 10314NAT is not currently provided by SESA. SESA asbestos awareness course is currently valid for all States and Territories except ACT.

A bag of sand on the beach next to a playground, emphasizing the importance of asbestos awareness training.

Online Asbestos Awareness Training Course

SESA is preparing an online asbestos awareness training course which will soon become available. However, this is only recommended as a refresher course and is not a substitute to the face to face asbestos awareness training course.

A bag of sand on the beach next to a playground, emphasizing the importance of asbestos awareness training.

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Who Needs to Do the Asbestos Awareness Training and Why?

Where asbestos containing materials (ACM) is identified or suspected in the workplace asbestos awareness training is required under the WHS Regulation 2017 to inform managers, persons in control of the workplace, trades people and workers of the health and safety risks associated with asbestos and the ways in which to avoid disturbance of the ACM and subsequent exposure to asbestos fibres.

Topics Covered in the Asbestos Awareness Training

The asbestos awareness training covers the following topics:

  • Historical uses and potential sources of asbestos in the workplace with examples of typical ACM found in buildings
  • Human health risks from exposure to asbestos fibre
  • Legal obligations under asbestos legislation and asbestos codes of practice
  • Methods of asbestos identification, risk assessment and controls
  • The asbestos register and asbestos management plan
  • Working safely in areas where asbestos containing materials are present
  • Information on health and safety requirements for working with asbestos
  • Control measures required for the safe removal of asbestos
  • Emergency procedures – Dealing with Asbestos incidents.

For information on legislative requirements applicable to asbestos awareness training can be obtained from WHS Regulators websites.

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