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Asbestos Management Plan

Providing asbestos management plan for managing asbestos in-situ.

Following the asbestos inspection and once ACMs are identified or likely to be present at a workplace and are to remain in-situ an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) is required under the legislation to be developed and implemented for the site, and regularly reviewed to eliminate or control the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos fibres. Where other hazardous building materials are identified the Asbestos Management Plan can be developed as part of a Hazardous Materials Management Plan to manage and control exposure to all hazardous building materials identified on site.

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What is the Content of the Asbestos Management Plan?

The content and other legislative requirements regarding the asbestos management plan include:

  • Identify the location of asbestos and any naturally occurring asbestos
  • A reference or link to the asbestos register for the workplace
  • The up-to-date risk assessment for the workplace
  • Details of people to be trained and any training procedures
  • Locations for the display of warning signs and labels
  • Details of who was consulted
  • Decisions, and reasons for decisions, about the management of asbestos at the workplace
  • Procedures for dealing with accidents, incidents or emergencies involving asbestos at the workplace
  • Timetable for managing risks associated with asbestos including priorities and dates for reviewing risk assessments, circumstances and activities that could affect any timing of action Identification of responsibilities of personnel
  • Procedures, including a timetable for reviewing and revising the asbestos management plan and the asbestos register
  • Requirements for air monitoring and related procedures at the workplace
  • Safe work procedures for handling or using asbestos at the workplace
  • An outline of how asbestos risks will be controlled, including consideration of appropriate control measures
  • Be reviewed at least every five years or when requested by a health and safety representative (HSR) or when asbestos is removed, disturbed, sealed or enclosed, or when changes to a control measure are made or when the plan is no longer adequate
  • Be accessible to any worker or the PCBU who has carried out or intends to carry out work at the workplace and any health and safety representatives who represent workers at the workplace.

How can we Assist you in the Asbestos Management Plan for your Site?

Our asbestos consultants will assist you in developing the asbestos management plan and the hazardous materials management plan and in any aspect of managing the risk of identified asbestos and other hazardous building materials on your site. We also facilitate management meetings and consultation with stakeholders on the asbestos management plan and the hazardous materials management plan and any updates.

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