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Ensuring Compliance with Workplace Health and Safety: Effective Inspection and WHS Risk Assessment Services

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Property & Building WHS Risk Assessment – Commercial, Industrial, Bulky Goods

Our WHS Consultants are specialists in building and property health & safety inspections and public liability inspections and risk assessment. If you require WHS inspection and risk assessment for your property or a building, turn to SESA for a “one-off” inspection or “annual regular” inspections for your commercial and industrial property and reduce risk of incidents, injuries, public liability and insurance claims. We aim to meet all your or insurer’s requirements for building and property safety and public liability inspections and risk assessment in Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, Newcastle and other areas across NSW and ACT.
Our property health and safety (WHS) consultants are experts in the field and work hard to assist PCBUs in management and control of a workplace in meeting their duty of care obligations in relation to health and safety.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive property WHS, environmental and public liability inspections and risk assessment of common and tenanted areas
  • Hazardous Chemicals/Dangerous Goods Reviews (Chemicals Register, Safety data Sheets (SDSs), Risk assessments, Safe Work Procedures, Labeling, Transport, Storage and Training requirements)
  • Confined Spaces Identification, Risk Assessment & Registers
  • Contractor Safety Management.

Facility managers acting as person in management and control of a workplace are faced with various challenges in ensuring the health and safety of tenants, their workers (employees and contractors) and the public within the areas under their control. In addition, properties always have a number of inherent WHS and environmental risks associated with their older designs, fittings, activities undertaken by tenants, installed plant, air conditioning systems and so on.

Under the Work Health and Safety legislation of Australian jurisdictions occupiers or controllers of premises are required to ensure the health and safety of everyone accessing and using those premises under their control. With our consultants tertiary qualification in safety management and extensive experience in providing property WHS, environmental and public liability consulting services to the property sector including commercial and industrial properties and property WHS risk management training to the Property Council of Australia, SESA is ideally placed to assist your business by ensuring you are minimising risks associated with your managed building and property WHS, public liability and environmental non-compliance and minimising potential exposure of associated claims.

Building Roof Safety

Areas Covered in Our Standard Property & Building WHS Inspection & Risk assessment

SESA developed and use comprehensive health, safety, environmental and public liability inspection protocols for sites such commercial, industrial, bulky goods, strata managed building and high rise buildings to prompt the WHS inspection and observations. The inspection elements are sometimes modified to suit the property type, operations and applicable legislation and codes. The most common comprehensive property WHS and public liability inspections and risk assessment includes inspection of common and tenanted areas covering the following risk items by reference to applicable health, safety & environmental legislation, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and Building Code of Australia (BCA):

Building Roof Safety

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1. Access & Egress2. Plant Safety
3. Fire Safety & Emergency4. Hazardous chemicals/Dangerous goods
5. Building Maintenance Management System6. Asbestos & Hazardous Materials
7. Building Design (operations & maintenance)8. Confined Spaces
9. Indoor air quality10. Working at Height Safety
11. Lighting12. Ergonomics
13. Workplace & Environmental Noise14. Environmental Sustainability
15. General Electrical Safety16. Building WHS Management System
17. Workplace Amenities18. Contractor WHS Management
19. Building Security20. Disabled Access & Services
21. Electromagnetic Radiation22. Traffic Management
23. Safety Signage24. Return to Work

The findings of the inspection will be documented in the inspection report together with risk assessment, recommended control measures and action plan to be used as the property or building WHS Register. For more information on the service or to book an inspection please contact our office.

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