environmental consulting

SESA provide environmental consulting by an experienced team of environmental consultants to help your business with all environmental compliance requirements. SESA Environmental Services include the following environmental assessment and monitoring services:

  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Contaminated Soil Testing & Disposal
  • Ground Water Assessment
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Environmental Noise

Environmental Site Assessments

Phase 1 ESA Environmental Site Assessment

The Phase 1 ESA provides a preliminary environmental site assessment by review of site contamination bandy identifying past and present potentially contaminating activities. It involves site inspection, interviews with site personnel and others, review of site history and records and if required limited soil sampling and soil testing.

Phase 2 Detailed Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental assessment

Phase 2 involves soil and groundwater sampling and analysis program to EPA standards to establish the extent of contamination based on findings of phase 1.

Phase 3 Remediation Action Plan (RAP)

Detailed site remediation strategies and management plans (treatment and off-site disposal, validation, management controls and health and safety plans for remediation).

Phase 4 Validation of Environmental Remediation Validation sampling and confirmation that the remediation has been completed and regulatory requirements have been met.

Environmental Monitoring - Contaminated Soil Testing and Waste Classification

  • Air Monitoring (air quality monitoring, asbestos air monitoring, dust monitoring, etc.)
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Ground Water Monitoring
  • Contaminated Soil Testing
  • Waste Classification.

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