Occupational hygiene services in Sydney, nsw and act

SESA Occupational hygiene team includes a Senior Occupational Hygienist who is certified with the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) and Chartered Member of the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) assisted with an experienced team of Occupational Hygienists and Occupational Hygiene Technicians. The team has been providing the occupational hygiene services over a number of years to various clients in Sydney, NSW and Canberra, ACT including government, manufacturing, construction, quarries and mining and to the property sector. At SESA, our occupational hygiene services complement the implementation of your health and safety management system and aim at achieving legislative compliance for our valued clients.

SESA occupational hygienists are actively involved in the following areas of occupational hygiene:

  • Baseline Occupational Hygiene Surveys
  • Air Monitoring
  • Workplace Noise
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Asbestos and Hazardous Building Materials
  • Mould Testing and Assessment
  • Confined space
  • Hazardous Chemicals Handling & Storage
  • Heat Stress
  • Lighting surveys
  • Ventilation Assessment
  • Workplace Exposure Assessments.

What is Occupational hygiene?

Occupational hygiene Sydney

Occupational hygiene is the science and art dedicated to the Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation, Communication and Control of environmental stressors in, or arising from, the workplace that may result in injury, illness, impairment, or affect the well being of workers and members of the community. These stressors are divided into the categories Biological, Chemical, physical, Ergonomic and Psychosocial. The Workplace Health and Safety legislation require the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to identify hazards associated with the work environment, assess the health and safety risks to exposed persons and eliminate, or if not possible to eliminate, control those risks by minimise them to an acceptable level. If deemed likely that persons associated with workplace activities can potentially become exposed to those hazards at levels effecting their wellbeing, PCBUs (employers and persons in control of the workplace) are required to engage a competent person (usually referred to in the industry as qualified, appropriately trained and experienced occupational hygienist or certified occupational hygienist (COH)) to undertake the process described above. Once the process is completed for the hazard or a range of hazards in the occupational environment the PCBU will obtain the evidence demonstrating compliance with the legislation with the aim of protecting their people at the workplace.

Occupational Hygiene Services

SESA certified and experienced occupational hygienists and occupational hygiene consultants and technicians are well placed to assist you with all your occupational hygiene needs including:

  • Occupational hygiene baseline surveys
  • Monitoring of airborne chemicals and biological agents
  • Inhalable dust and Respirable dust
  • Crystalline silica (Quartz)
  • Lead dust
  • Acid mist
  • Metal dust
  • Welding fumes and compounds
  • Asbestos fibre air monitoring
  • Synthetic mineral fibre
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Isocyanates (TDI, MDI, PMDI)
  • Gases (eg. confined spaces, ambient environment and operational environment)
  • Identification of unknown substances
  • Other atmospheric contaminants in the occupational and para-occupational environment
  • Occupational noise surveys, noise exposure assessment
  • Air quality testing
  • Mould Testing, Mould Assessment & Mould Removal Management
  • Confined Space Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Asbestos & Hazardous Materials
  • Heat Stress Monitoring and Assessment
  • Lighting Survey and assessment in Industrial Settings and Offices
  • Workplace Ventilation Assessment (local exhaust ventilation, air flow in offices)
  • Occupational Exposure Assessments and Evaluation to various workplace stressors
  • Chemicals Risk Assessment
  • Occupational Hygiene Programs.

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